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Welcome To Rave Rubber Rollers

RAVE Rubber Rollers is an extensively technical company that knows the science of printing rubber roller development. RAVE Rubber Roller is a quality supplier of rubber rollers for web and sheet-fed offset presses. RAVE Rubber Rollers is a national marketing arm of Bottcher Roller (Felix Böttcher of Germany has been manufacturing rollers for the last 275 years) which has been in marketing rollers in India for the last 3 decades. RAVE Rubber Rollers sales force controls the nation wide clients by serving them in best of their interest and to find best solutions for their needs.
RAVE Rubber Rollers provides ready to perform rollers for printing machines like Heidelberg, Komori,
Man Roland,

rubber rollers , printing rollers, offset printing rollers, uv ink rollers
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Planta, Variant, Super-Variant, Mitsubishi, KBA, Adast and others. RAVE Rubber Rollers are made to OEM specifications for required core weights, hardness, and wall thickness with all the required parameters of the Clients which enables them in increasing their profitability of press and their businesses
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